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Note about dates

    You can add an event taking place over a period, with a start date and an end date, and/or single dates:

    Single Dates
    ► Event with a single date, and a start time
    eg a concert that starts at 20:00 and takes place only the selected day.

    ► Event with several dates, consecutive or otherwise, with a start time, which may be different for each date.
    eg a concert that would take place a week on Friday and Saturday, and the following week on Friday. This concert can started at different times, and you can add new dates at any time.

    Event over a Period
    ► Event over a period (from ... to ...).
    eg a music festival which starts on Thursday at 14:00 and ends on Sunday at 23:00. In this case, you enter the start date and end date.

    Event over a Period & Single Dates
    ► The event takes place over a period and you want to add specific hours.
    eg A band participates in a music festival from Thursday 14:00 to Sunday 23:00. On Thursday, the band plays at 16:30, Saturday at 18:00 and Sunday at 13:15. You can then enter the period of the event (from Thursday 14:00 to Sunday 23:00) and add the single dates with time, when the band is on stage.

    ► The event takes place over a period, and other dates that are not in this period.
    eg an event which takes place from Monday to Sunday (dates over a period) and another week on Tuesday and Friday (single dates).


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